Published June 20, 2019

Getting Started: Setting up your first app

Before you start building an app with a Snapchat library or API, you must register as an official developer at and set up your app. This process is fast and easy. Here’s a guide in case you need help!


You will need:

  • Snapchat accounts for you and any team members who plan to test the app. Sign up using your phone and the Snapchat app (iOS | Android)
  • A computer with a web browser
  • A 1024x1024 px logo or placeholder asset (OPTIONAL)

Step 1: Go to the Snap Kit Portal


Go to or click Log In at the top right corner of

Step 2: Create an app


Click the + button. Name your app, and select the permissions you want. You can also upload a logo using a 1024x1024px image (optional).


Step 3: Set up your development environment

Your app is almost ready to be tested. You’ll need to pick the libraries you plan to use:


Next, select the platform you’re developing on. Make sure you select this in the “Development Environment” section.


You’ll also need to add the Snapchat usernames of anyone who plans to access the app during development.


Step 4: Start testing!

You can now start to play with your integration. Make sure you use the Development ID when you’re testing; the Production ID won’t work until you’re approved for production.


Step 5: Build!

You’re all set! Head to the docs for more info, and start building your app.

Step 6: Submit your finished app for approval

Once you’re all done with testing and building, you’ll probably want to release something to everyone, not just the people you’ve added under the Demo Users list. You can do this with your Production ID, but to unlock this capability you’ll need to submit your app for approval.

Submitting your app for approval is as easy as clicking the button. For a smooth approvals process, have your privacy policy and demo video ready to go (more info on that in the app review guidelines). Then, just click Submit!

That’s all for now. Happy building!