App Review Guidelines

At Snap, we strive to be kind, smart, and creative, and we expect the same from our developers.

We want Snapchatters to have fun and to be safe -- those goals drive our Developer Policies. Developers must be honest about the products, services, and content their apps promote; they must avoid content that misleads, deceives, or offends; they must never compromise our users' privacy or safety.

Developers must comply with Snap's Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, and all other Snap policies governing the use of our Tools. We may update our terms, policies, and guidelines from time to time, so please check in and review them regularly. All apps must meet high quality and editorial standards.

Developers are responsible for ensuring that their apps are suitable for Snapchatters ages 13+ (or their selected audience) in each geographic area where the app will be available. They're also responsible for ensuring that their app complies will all applicable laws, statues, ordinances, rules, public order rules, and regulations in each geographic area they support.

All apps are subject to our review and approval. We reserve the right to reject or remove any app at our sole discretion for any reason. Snap may additionally suspend or terminate accounts tied to businesses or individuals who violate our Developer Policies.

The goal of these guidelines is to provide clarity on how we review Snap Kit submissions and to make the process as easy for you as possible. Please keep in mind that these guidelines will evolve in order to keep our community safe. Ultimately, we created Snap Kit to promote creativity and innovation and we hope these tools help enable new products we'd never dreamt of before.

Submitting for Snap Review

Snap reviews all apps that integrate with Snap Kit prior to enabling integration for public use. After adding an app in the Snap Kit Developer Portal, and testing your application in developer mode, you will need to Submit for Review before your integration will be available in the Production Environment. You can test your app in a Developer Environment without approval; but, you must receive approval from Snap in order to release your app, with the integration, to users.

Top 5 Reasons for Rejection

It's important to fill out your Snap Kit application with as much information as possible so that our review team is properly able to assess your app. Common rejection reasons include:

  • No / Low Quality Integration Videos
  • Missing Information
  • Kit Mismatch
  • No Privacy Policy / Privacy Policy Format
  • Snap Trademark Issues / Implied Partnership with Snap

In order to ensure not facing these rejections, please take note of the following tips:

  • Your integration should know how your app works and how the integration with Snap Kit will be displayed in the app.
  • Make sure to complete your submission with as much information as possible:
    • The "Description" field should provide a description of your app -- What does your app do? Who is it intended for?
    • The "Integration Description" field should include information on how you will use each Kit. For example, if you are applying for Creative Kit, you could describe the sticker you intend to create for Snapchatters to share on Snapchat.
  • Ensure the submitted integration video highlights how each Kit will integrate with your app (i.e. if you are applying for Creative Kit, make sure that your video shows the use of Creative Kit).
  • Be thoughtful about what Kits you are applying for! In addition to your video that shows the integration for your requested Kit(s), make sure to apply for Kits that make sense for your app.
  • Include a link to a Privacy Policy. Links to another company's Privacy Policy or Snap Inc.'s Privacy Policy will not be accepted.
  • Don't include Snap as part of your name or branding. This also includes using similar likeness to Snap, including the same color yellow or a ghost logo.

Review Process

When you submit your app for review, please provide as much relevant information as possible. Screen recordings, visual aids, and detailed descriptions will help get your app through the review process quicker. (If your app is not yet launched, please describe your app and how you plan to use the requested Kit(s) in as much detail as possible, including a screen recording of your integration working in a staging environment, an intended launch timeframe, and if the app's sole use is for a Snap Kit integration in the description.)

When your app contains potential Trust & Safety issues, including user-generated content, anonymous postings, social features, or an audience that includes minors, we may require additional information that could subject your app to longer review times.

Note: Apps are periodically re-reviewed. If you misrepresent your intended use of Snap Kit, or the way you use it changes after our initial review, we reserve the right to revoke API access. When non-compliant, you'll be required to make the outlined changes. Otherwise, we will remove your app.

Questions about these guidelines and the app approval process can be sent to

Snap Kit App Review Guidelines

User safety is our priority. We use our review process to ensure that your app complies with our Community Guidelines. The quality of your app and its integration will be taken into account, as we expect a high level of value to the Snapchat community. Negative user feedback may be taken into account in our review.

Some examples of unacceptable features or content include:

  • Content that specifically features or targets minors under the age of 13
  • Content that promotes illegal or harmful behavior of any kind
  • Child sexual exploitation or endangerment of any kind
  • Promotion or depiction of sexually explicit content or nudity
  • Dating services targeted to users under the age of 18, feature images of users who appear too young to use the service, are provocative, overtly sexual in nature, or reference transactional companionship
  • Promoting or sharing hate speech
  • Encouraging or promoting violence, harassment, bullying, hate speech, threats, and/or self-harm. This also includes inadequate safeguards in place to prevent this type of behavior
  • Unauthorized location tracking
  • Any form of spam or malware
  • Attempts to circumvent copyright regulations
  • Engaging in illegal activities or the sale and trade of illegal goods
  • Gambling, including the purchase of assets (i.e. tokens) that can later be exchanged for real money, unless otherwise approved by Snap
  • Apps that utilize spam-like marketing tactics
  • Misleading Snapchatters about the functionalities of Snapchat or the Snap Kit integration
  • Content or technology meant to mislead or obscure the original provenance or creator of content
  • Misleading or deceptive pricing terms
  • All financial products and services must comply with state and local regulations
  • Snap Kit functionality should not be locked behind an in-app purchase or paywall

Apps Containing User Generated Content

All apps containing user generated content must have the ability to report inappropriate content and have a contact method made available to users. The developer team should be able to swiftly and effectively handle any concerns raised about the safety of users.

Bitmoji Kit and Bitmoji Avatar From Login Kit

Bitmoji enables our Snapchatters to express themselves with their personal Bitmoji avatar, communicating rich emotions visually, with a single tap. Apps that use Bitmojis must:

  • Use Bitmoji avatars to add visual identity to your app and/or enhance your app's functionality
  • Demonstrate (in your submission) how your app will use Bitmojis, including screenshots and descriptions of all app features that use Bitmoji
  • Be a quality product
  • Respect users and treat them fairly
  • Adhere to the Bitmoji Brand Guidelines

Apps that use Bitmojis cannot:

  • Offer core features similar or identical to Bitmoji
  • Give users the ability to share Bitmoji avatars of anyone other than themselves or the person they're communicating with
  • Use Bitmoji avatars or designs in any app promotion or screenshots, except to show actual images of your approved Bitmoji integration
  • Monetize Bitmoji directly or indirectly (such as by charging for access to the Bitmoji library, selling Bitmoji merchandise, or including Bitmoji as a component of a paid feature)
  • Have a primary purpose of creating or distributing stickers, GIFs, clipart, etc.
  • Modify or allow users to modify Bitmoji artwork in any way, including adding a body, text, or creative element

Snap and Snap Kit Developer Terms

All usage of Snap Kit must comply with our Developer Terms. Our Developer Terms require compliance with our Snap Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and Brand Guidelines. Usage that violates these terms will result in your app losing access to Snap Kit. We suggest that you review each of these terms individually to make sure your app complies. Below is a high-level overview of some of the things we consider strongly during the app review.

Privacy and Data Guidelines

We feel strongly about protecting user privacy, and we require our partners to have a Privacy Policy in place. The Privacy Policy should completely and accurately describe how you collect, use, disclose, and retain data on a published website. This Privacy Policy should also be made available to users from within the app. You can find a high-level overview of Snap's Privacy Policy in Snapchat's Privacy Center, or read the full version here.

Legal Guidelines

All apps must conform with local laws and regulations in the jurisdiction where they are available.

Brand Guidelines

Apps should have original names and branding. Be creative and develop a unique identity! When naming, branding, discussing, or promoting your integrated app, do not suggest any endorsement, partnership, or affiliation with Snap Inc. Specifically, your app name, icon, user interface, and associated branding cannot include elements that are similar to or confusingly reference Snapchat or any other Snap-owned product. For example, do not use the Snapchat Ghost Logo, "Snapchat yellow" as a dominant color, or recreations of Lenses in connection with your app or icon.

To minimize the risk of your app being mistaken for a Snap-owned app, see the examples below on how an app name may reference Snap's products in a non-confusing way:

Acceptable Informational Uses of Snap Inc. Brands in App Name

Your app name need not reference Snap or its products. But if it does, it must emphasize your unique brand and only make informational reference to Snap or its products. For example, apps that follow these or similar patterns are not likely to be confusing:

  • {developer brand} + {descriptor} + "for/with" + {Snap service}
  • {developer brand} + "for/with" + {Snap service}
  • {descriptor} + {developer brand} + "for/with" + {Snap service}

Examples of acceptable use:

  • GoGo Photo Editor for Snapchat
  • Gizmo with Bitmoji
  • Map Locator by Omega for Snapchat

Improper Uses of Snap Inc. Brands in App Name

App names that rely on reference to Snap-owned brands to be memorable can be confusing and will not be approved. Do not create "Snappy" hybrid brands or use a Snap-owned trademark without an informational modifier.

Examples of unacceptable use:

  • Snap Music Sync Plus
  • ZzzZa Bitmoji Maker
  • Snapifier
  • Snapchat Screen Grabber by DevMonkey
  • SC Score Jump
  • Dog Lens Moving Lock Screen

All uses of Snap-owned brands must comply with the Snapchat Brand Guidelines and Bitmoji Brand Guidelines, as applicable. App developers that do not respect Snap's intellectual property will lose access to Snap Kit and may face other legal consequences.

Inactivity Notice

Apps that are inactive for over 90 days will be disconnected. If this happens to your app, your users will need to re-authenticate the next time they log in.