Login Kit

Available For: iOS, Android, and Web

Login Kit lets your community use their Snapchat account as a quick way to sign up and log in. Logging in via Snapchat removes the obstacles of signup and login for new users.

Your users can even bring their Bitmoji to your app or website! The display name and Bitmoji avatar give users a familiar identity within your app.


Login Kit has three main features: login, identity, and verify.

Login allows users to quickly log in to your app using their Snapchat account. Users' display names and Bitmoji avatars provide a sense of identity within your app!

Login Kit's newest feature Verify With Snapchat allows users to quickly register in third-party applications using the phone number attached to their Snapchat account.

We recommend periodically checking that you are using the latest Bitmoji avatar for your users, to avoid any discrepancies.

With Login Kit, you can:

  • Add a “Log in With Snapchat” button
  • Request the user’s Snapchat display name
  • Request the user’s Bitmoji
  • Verify a phone number with Snapchat


Example Integration

Allow Users to Log In to Your Application Using SnapchatQuickly Verify Numbers on Snapchat and Save on Costs!