Bitmoji Kit Partnership Integration Checklist

A. Bitmoji Branding

  • Your Bitmoji Kit integration and marketing materials adhere to Bitmoji Brand Guidelines
  • Your app must not use the word "Bitmoji" in the title
  • You do not use Bitmoji in any app promotion or screenshots, except to show actual images of your approved Bitmoji Kit integration
  • Your app does not use Bitmoji avatars or other Bitmoji artwork as generic or stock images

B. App Functionality and Bitmoji Kit Usage

  • Your submission demonstrates how your app will use Bitmoji Kit, including screenshots and description
  • Your app only shows users their own avatar and those of other users
  • Your app does not give users the ability to share Bitmojis of anyone other than themselves or the person they're communicating with
  • Bitmoji enhances your app's functionality
  • Your app does not offer core features similar or identical to Bitmoji
  • Your app does not monetize Bitmoji directly or indirectly
  • Your app's primary purpose is not to create or distribute stickers/GIFs/clip art
  • Your app does not modify or allow users to modify Bitmoji artwork

C. Brand and App Safety

  • Your app is a quality product
  • Your app does not contain offensive, lewd, or crude material
  • Your app respects its users and treats them fairly
  • Your app has a publicly accessible privacy policy that completely and accurately describes how you collect, use, disclose, and retain data. Your privacy policy does not conflict with or modify Snap Inc.'s privacy policy