SDK Downloads

Get the kits before reading the docs.


The Snap Kit SDKs can be accessed via Cocoapods or Carthage.


To get Snap Kit SDKs with Cocoapods, simply add this line to your Podfile.

1pod 'SnapSDK'

You can also download individual SDKs to add to your project separately. In your Podfile, specify which kit you want. Each can be used independently.

1pod 'SnapSDK', :subspecs => ['SCSDKLoginKit', 'SCSDKCreativeKit', 'SCSDKBitmojiKit']


You can access the Snap Kit SDKs with Carthage by including the appriopriate Kits in your Cartfile:

1binary ""
2binary ""
3binary ""
5# Required for Bitmoji Kit
6github "pinterest/PINCache" ~> 2.3


We share the Core Kit, Creative Kit, and Login Kit libraries from our Maven repository. The Core Kit library is required for Creative Kit and Login Kit functionality. To access these libraries, add the following code block to your root project's build.gradle file:

1repositories {
2   maven {
3       url ""
4   }

Note: If you have trouble accessing Google (used in the link above), you can use our GitHub Maven repository with the following code block:

1repositories {
2   maven {
3       url ""
4   }

Next, add the following implementation to the dependencies section of your application’s build.gradle file (NOT the root project’s build.gradle):

1dependencies {
2   ...
3   implementation([
4           'com.snapchat.kit.sdk:bitmoji:1.10.0', // for Bitmoji Kit
5           'com.snapchat.kit.sdk:login:1.10.0', // for Login Kit
6           'com.snapchat.kit.sdk:creative:1.10.0', // for Creative Kit
7           'com.snapchat.kit.sdk:core:1.10.0',  // core dependency for all of the above Kits
8   ])

Each kit’s documentation covers installing these dependencies.