Creative Kit

Available For: iOS, Android, and Web

Creative Kit makes sharing even more interactive!

Creative Kit allows users to share Lenses, AR Experiences, Filters, GIFs, videos, links, or captions from your website or app directly to Snapchat's camera or preview screen.

After the content is shared into Snapchat, users can apply any of Snapchat's creative tools to edit the shared content before sending it to their friends or stories.

Snaps and Stories shared with Creative Kit link back to your content, driving more engagement on your app or website!


Creative Kit has two main features: Dynamic Lenses and Stickers.

Dynamic Lenses provide your users a way to share live scores, weather, and other dynamic data through easy-to-build AR experiences. Stickers allow your users to decorate their Snaps with branded stickers that show friends where they are or what they’re doing.

With Creative Kit, you can:

  • Share media to the Preview screen (images and videos)
  • Share stickers to the Preview or Camera screen
  • Populate a web url or mobile deep link to be attached to the Snap
  • Prepopulate a caption
  • Add a Lens Attachment created in Lens Studio


Example Integration

Allow Users to Share Accomplishments With FriendsUsing Creative and Interactive Stickers on Snapchat!